Last Chance to Vote for RSF School Board!

I don’t know about you, but as a voter and parent of a child going to Rowe, it seems too little is discussed about school scores and rankings.   RSF is home to many successful people with extremely high drives and motivations that have led to some of the highest levels of success.  Why is it our school lags behind many local communities, not to mention how it ranks in the State and even the Nation?    With all of the resources at our disposal, Rowe should be top in its class, both locally and nationally.   As a board member, my primary goal will be focused on improving the test scores and ultimately achieve the highest possible ranking.

Ballots need to be mail-stamped by the 24th for accurate recordings and they are probably still in your stack of mail that still needs to be addressed.   Do yourself and our community the service of participating and voting for the candidate that is going to enact change at all levels to raise test scores.  It is unthinkable that Rowe is not the best ranked public school.

Vote for Steven Hughes, RSF School Board. 

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