I don’t know about you, but as a voter and parent of a child going to Rowe, it seems too little is discussed about school scores and rankings.   RSF is home to many successful people with extremely high drives and motivations that have led to some of the highest levels of success.  Why is it our school lags behind many local communities, not to mention how it ranks in the State and even the Nation?    With all of the resources at our disposal, Rowe should be top in its class, both locally and nationally.   As a board member, my primary goal will be focused on improving the test scores and ultimately achieve the highest possible ranking.

Ballots need to be mail-stamped by the 24th for accurate recordings and they are probably still in your stack of mail that still needs to be addressed.   Do yourself and our community the service of participating and voting for the candidate that is going to enact change at all levels to raise test scores.  It is unthinkable that Rowe is not the best ranked public school.

Vote for Steven Hughes, RSF School Board. 

April 17, 2017

Dear Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Solana Beach Residents/Business Owners,

We would like to invite you to a community event to talk about the land overlooking North Beach in Del Mar at the corner of Camino Del Mar/Highway 101 and Border anytime from 10 AM- 2 PM on Sat., May 6, or Sat., May 13.

This site has been closed off to the public for over 100 years. As longtime North County coastal residents, we, like you, have walked and driven by this site many times and wondered what was beyond the gates and if we’d ever be able to enjoy it.

When we first learned of it, there was a proposal on the table to build five gated, private estates. We thought it was a shame to keep the land closed off to the public for another 100 years and would like the opportunity to create something that everyone can access and enjoy.

Over the course of the last year, we have been working with the land owners to assemble the site. While a resort that fits into the landscape of Del Mar is the centerpiece of the project, our goal is to create something that Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Solana Beach residents will think of as their own seaside gathering spot – a cornerstone of the community where we can come to celebrate special events, entertain and enjoy, with no barriers, for the first time.

As we begin this process, we want your input on the project’s design and are here to collaborate with you on ideas. We feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to the community as stewards of this project and are grateful for the opportunity to bring a shared vision on such a truly, one-of-a-kind location to life.

Both of us, along with key team members and staff, will be available during the event to hear your ideas, and talk about the community impacts and public amenities we are considering – including walking trails, a park, improved access to North Beach and public parking. Exhibits showcasing different architectural styles that might fit into our community will be on display for your feedback.
Onsite parking will be provided for the event; handicapped access is not available but parking is close by. Please wear appropriate footwear and pull into the gates to be directed by our parking monitors. We look forward to meeting you!

Robert Green, President & CEO Brad Termini, CEO
The Robert Green Company Zephyr
www. therobertgreencompany.com www.zephyrpartners.com

P.S. The exact address for the site is 929 Border Avenue;

By: EIlis McKay

Whether you decide to buy, or simply remodel, here are some new features increasingly in demand by homebuyers.

The Nest Cam is a powerful little camera that records in crystal clear 1080p resolution and streams 24/7. It will alert you if you’re not at home, and it detects motion or conspicuous noises. 

Vivint’s Doorbell Camera provides a 180 degree wide angle view of your entire doorstep landscape. It lets you see who’s at your door, no matter where you are. You can also lock and unlock the door remotely, turn on lights, and talk to visitors, even when you are away.

The Chamberlain garage door opener connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere.

Nest Learning Thermostat learns your patterns as you use it. Within a week, it will adapt to your preferred temperatures and will automatically adjust the temperature for you. It will also switch to energy conservation, if you are not home

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a revolutionary new refrigerator with WiFi enabled touch screen, that manages your groceries, and allows the family to stay connected. It takes inventory of your fridge every time you close the door. You can check what’s in your fridge from your phone, and even order online from one of the apps accessible from the touch screen on the door.

Amazon Echo is a 360 degree Bluetooth speaker featuring Alexa, Amazon’s voice activated assistant. Alexa can stream music, tell you the weather, get traffic and sports updates. But it also can connect to a number of other smart devices allowing you to control lights, locks and thermostat with your voice.

Many of these high tech features are easy to install and to use, and can really enhance your lifestyle. 

The Nest Cam ! ”#$%&
Vivint’s Doorbell Camera(! (”’
The Chamberlain garage door opener+,*
Nest Learning Thermostat*
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator(”,
Amazon Echo./ 0*1213(”(

Does STAGING your home make it more sellable?

By: Catherine Barry

You bet it does – walking into a dark cluttered home with aroma of last night’s dinner is not that appealing to most potential buyers.  Rather a neutral citrus or Cinnamon scent will make your buyers want to stay.  Here are some helpful tips:

1.  Light is very important:  If your house is dark, dark walls, dark furniture, overgrown vegetation,  then you may need to think about painting your home a new neutral light color, also you may want to think about removing any big dark heavy furniture, especially dark draperies.

2.  Furniture placement – don’t walk into the furniture, place your heavy furniture to the side or place it in another room or in the garage and place two side chairs on either side of the fireplace – this will neutralize the weight and balance your scene.

3.  Try to erase the old Tuscan look and focus on neutral colors and eliminate a lot of furniture as “less is more”.

4.  If you have already reduced your asking price, and still no showings, then you may wish to consider “staging” for sure.

5.  Neutral colors will have the biggest impact to make homes more inviting and feel more spacious.  Neutral colors like beige, off white, light gray, etc., will make your home become more desirable.

6.  Once the rooms are arranged to capture the most light possible and a neutral color is chosen for painting, and the aroma of citrus or Cinnamon is present, then you need to look at the most popular style today and try to incorporate these ideas into each room too.

7.  Adding house plants brings in color as well a good source of Oxygen. Setting the dining room table for 4 or 6 with glamourous dishes, helps showoff your home.   Also music will keep people lingering longer.

8.  The outside is just as important as the inside and lawns should be trimmed and alive with green grass, colorful plants and freshly painted trim, front doors, and mail box, if needed.

This is just a start – Tips from the Top Agents.

By Connor Barry. The Los Angeles Rams have had a whole series of news since leaving St. Louis. New fan base, new Quarterback, new expectations, and now to go with that, a new Head Coach. The Rams have fired Jeff Fisher weeks after they extended his contract. There is a lot of speculations about who their next coach will be . Names that have been tied to the job are Jon Gruden and Jim Harbaugh. These two coaches have the ability to take the Rams far. It would make sense that Hollywood’s team would have a big name head coach. I doubt that either will take the job, though. Jon Gruden is currently making a salary equivalent to what someone like Bill Belichick makes. He’s the highest paid employee for ESPN by calling sixteen NFL games a year along with his show with incoming Rookie Quarterbacks. Jim Harbaugh on the other hand is not. He’s done a terrific job at Michigan and could come back and thrive in the NFL. The problem is is that Harbaugh is a Michigan guy. He played there under Bo Schembechler in college. There is no way that the opportunity to beat up the 49ers twice a year would lure Harbaugh from Michigan. My choice for the next Rams Head Coach is Falcons Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Son of Mike Shanahan, Kyle has led the Falcons to be one of the top passing attacks in the league this season, which the Rams are far from. Shanahan in my opinion would be the perfect coach for LA given that he can put Goff in a position to succeed, along with the offense as a whole and also to change the culture. The Rams have been a 9 loss team year after year. With a winning mindset under new leadership, the Rams can join the elite level of NFL teams.

Ever since the presidential election in November, the broader equity markets have been very bullish with the Dow hitting nearly 20,000.  Donald Trump is not in sync with the Fed’s “easy money” policies, and this philosophical difference, combined with recent positive domestic economic data, have led the Federal Reserve to increase the Federal Funds rate for the first time in a year (and only the second time since the financial crisis).

For those looking to purchase a home, the cost of mortgage financing has definitely been going up – with general mortgage rates increasing by over .5% in the past few weeks alone.  For the super-jumbo buyers, rates have also gone up, but First Republic’s relationship rate discounts still enables new and existing clients to reduce the rate well below the market.  For instance, today we locked in a $2M loan on a 10/1 I/O ARM at 3.25% with 0 points – which is well below all other lenders we checked with.

If you have any questions on possible mortgage options for a new home you might be considering, please contact Sean A. Barry, at (858) 720-6919. sbarry@firstrepublic.com

LSU and Texas have both dealt with letting go of their Head Coaches already. After beating Texas A&M, the Tigers took the interim tag off of Ed Orgeron and named him the new head coach. Texas fired Charlie Strong after three years and immediately hiring former Houston head coach Tom Herman after. Now Oregon has parted ways with head coach Mark Helfrich just two years after leading the Ducks to an appearance in the National Championship Game. This may be the most enticing job on the market with the style of play the Oregon is known for as well as its strong ties to Nike. Athletic Rob Mullins has stated that they will look at coaches currently
outside the program.

Les Miles
The recently fired Les Miles would be a terrific coach for the Ducks by improving
two of their weakest areas as a program: Recruiting and Defense. Miles was able to
get the top players in hotbed states like Texas and Georgia to come to Baton Rogue. If
he came to take over in Eugene, he could still continue his recruiting reign in the
south and also bring in more top athletes in California, taking players that would’ve
gone to USC or UCLA. On the defensive side, he assembled a deadly secondary in
2011 that included Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson, and Eric Reid. With a great recruiter,
defensive minded coach, and a little bit of trickery, Les Miles would be a great
fit as the next leader of the Ducks.

Chip Kelly
Ever since the Eagles fired Kelly last December, returning to Eugene has been on a lot of people’s minds. With the Eagles, he’s struggled to assemble the prototypical players to run his offense due to the salary cap and lack of draft picks. Kelly could get any player he wants through recruiting without giving up players or draft picks in college. Now with the 49ers who hold a 1-11 record, Kelly has said he doesn’t plan on bolting the team for a college job. Ironically he signed with the Eagles a week after announcing he would no longer consider taking an NFL coaching position back in 2013. With Chip Kelly back leading the ship, the Ducks could get back to the dominant team they were before he left.

PJ Fleck
If Oregon is looking for a coach that can turn their program around, Fleck is their guy. At 36, Fleck has turned a Western Michigan team that had a single win in 2013 into the undefeated MAC Champions this season with an opportunity to play in the Cotton Bowl looming. Similar to Chip Kelly’s “Win The Day” that is preached at Oregon, PJ Fleck and his Broncos live by their motto, “Row The Boat.” Fleck breaks down this concept with the Oar which represents the energy that you bring into your life. The boat represents the sacrifice and what you are willing to give up. The third part is the compass. It represents the direction of your life. As Fleck says if your friends with turds, you’re going to Turdville, but if your friends with elite people, you will live a successful life. Fleck has created a winning culture at Western Michigan and I believe he can do it in Eugene as well. In my opinion, Chip Kelly would be the ideal coach to lead the Ducks, but I believe he will stay in the NFL. PJ Fleck is an up and coming coach that has a drive to be great. Taking his “Row The Boat” mentality to Oregon would be a big change to a program that needs a spark in leadership. Both Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich were laid back coaches and with a fiery PJ Fleck, the Ducks could go places. My vote is PJ Fleck. I believe he has what it takes to succeed at a high level and that he can get Oregon back to the sizzling team they once were.

By: Connor Barry. The College Football Season is winding down with conference championship berths on the line. Fifth ranked Washington will face rival Washington State for a chance to play in the Pac 12 Championship as well as keeping Playoff hopes alive. #2 Clemson squares off with South Carolina. With a ACC Championship game locked for December, the Tigers will just need to win out in order to return to the College Football Playoff. Alabama, the team that defeated the Tigers in the National Championship last year face Auburn, also just needing to win out in order to return to a third straight playoff.

But this Saturday, all eyes will be on Columbus for the clash of the titans between Michigan and Ohio State. This showdown between #2 and #3 will clear most things up regarding who’s in and out of the playoff, except there’s one problem. Both teams have suffered a loss. Ohio State lost to Penn State in Happy Valley last month and Michigan recently fell to Iowa two weeks ago. A Michigan victory would automatically send the Wolverines to the Big Ten Championship game. But Ohio State bests, they would not be automatically in the Big Ten Championship. They would need an upstart Penn State team to lose to a three win Michigan State. It’s not likely that Michigan State, who has fallen apart this year, will be able to pull it off.

So if Ohio State and Penn State both win, how would the committee handle this scenario. The only team I would consider a lock in the Playoff if they win out would be Alabama. So who takes the next three spots? A Penn State vs Wisconsin affair in the Big Ten Championship would still be a good one. Both teams are respectively ranked by the Playoff committee. If Penn State is crowned as the Big Ten champ, we have our first two loss playoff team ever. But if Wisconsin wins, I don’t believe they have a good enough resume to be a playoff team. Two conference losses and having LSU as your biggest win won’t be enough. That would bring Ohio State back in the equation. With Alabama and Penn State as teams in the Playoff in this scenario, you have to look at the resumes of Clemson, Washington, and the winner of Oklahoma & Oklahoma State. Clemson has the strongest resume despite their performances against North Carolina State and Pittsburgh, but with wins against Louisville and Auburn, no other team has wins that compare to those of Clemson. For Washington to get in, they need to win the Pac 12 and hope for a Michigan win or Penn State loss. They have a solid team, but the east coast favored committee would likely take two Big Ten teams over a Pac 12 champion.

Here are the scenarios:

Michigan/Ohio State defeats Wisconsin

1. Alabama

2. Michigan/Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Washington

Wisconsin defeats Michigan/Penn State

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Washington

4. Ohio State

Penn State defeats Wisconsin

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Penn State

Wisconsin defeats Ohio State

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Washington

4. Wisconsin