Golf Course in Rancho Santa Fe Makes Technological Strides

by Barry Estates
February 2, 2015
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With miles of beautiful putting courses and the scenic landscape views to match, it’s no wonder that golf is a popular sport in Rancho Santa Fe.

Rancho Santa Fe Resident Jim Stracka and his son Chase.

Jim Stracka and his son Chase founded StrackaLine together in 2007.
℅ http://www.strackaline.com

The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe in particular features a golf community with an award-winning clubhouse, sports centre, and tennis and recreational facility.  Recently, golfing at the Bridges has experienced a bit of a technological upgrade due to Rancho Santa Fe resident Jim Stracka’s creative app.

Jim Stracka has been a member of the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe since 2003.  “About six years ago, I started developing yardage books and green reading charts for the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players,” said Stracka. “But then I thought about taking these programs to the club level, to help everyday golfers get a better read of the greens and make more putts.”

The Bridges was the first club in the country to offer its members his yardage books and green reading charts – an advantage once only available to the pros.  Jim contacted Director of Golf Steve Wilson to take things even further.

Rancho Santa Fe resident Jim Stracka developed the StrackaLine app. ℅ http://www.strackaline.com

The StrackaLine app uses patented technology.
℅ http://www.strackaline.com

Stracka developed StrackaLine, a smartphone app that allows players at the Bridges to look at new pin placements everyday before they play.

“Jim’s existing technology already provided crucial information on the slopes and breaks of the greens. But then he came in with a software program to randomize our hole locations,” said Wilson. “This sophisticated computer algorithm allows The Bridges to create a new hole location every single day. If you played golf 365 days a year at The Bridges, you’d never play the same hole location twice.”

“Some of the members at The Bridges play several times a week and know this course inside and out,” said Stracka. “The most common comments I hear now are, ‘Wow, that was a really hard hole location’ and ‘I saw hole locations today that I’ve never seen before.’ It’s like a brand new golf course.”

Jim Stracka founded the app with his son Chase in 2007.  Both are avid golfers who are passionate about the sport.

“It’s been thrilling to watch the company evolve and grow and develop such a strong fan base within the golf world,’” said Stracka. “As a member of The Bridges, it was gratifying to be able to create and test drive some of our technology on my home course.”

Article by: Barry Estates

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