Roundabouts or Signals in Rancho Santa Fe… What’s your take?

by Barry Estates
September 9, 2015
Category:   News

Roundabouts vs Traffic Signals Rancho Santa Fe

After September 16th, Rancho Santa Fe residents can expect to receive a survey regarding the approval of pro roundabouts vs signals materials approved by the Rancho Santa Fe association Board on September 3rd.

All surveys are to be turned in by October 25th by all Covenant voters, registered to vote or not. If you feel you are still not fully informed and need more information, a meeting will be held on September 16th 6:30pm at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club.

Traffic signals for the areas of Via de la Valle, El Montevideo/La Valle Plateada and El Camino Del Norte were actually approved on May 7th, but after petition that was put out to call for more community discussion, a survey was approved to be distributed on July 2nd.

Rancho Santa Fe Association Manager Bill Overton stated: “The survey is important to see what the community overall thinks is the best thing to do… We strongly urge everyone to please turn in the survey.”

We urge all residents to get involved and let your voice be heard.  For more information on Roundabouts vs Traffic Signals visit http://www.roundaboutsusa.com/design/roundabouts-vs-signals.html.

Article by: Barry Estates

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