Retiring Right: Spending Your Golden Years in Rancho Santa Fe

by Barry Estates
March 19, 2015
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Nestled in the North County region of San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe is a community that truly has a lot to offer.  From great schools and prioritized safety for the family’s peace of mind to miles of hiking trails, parks and open spaces for the active resident, the neighborhood seems to offer something for everyone.

For this reason (and many more!) Rancho Santa Fe makes our list of the best places to retire in California.  Read on to see what our picks are and why we think Rancho Santa Fe deserves the number one spot.

5. Riverside

Riverside's Festival of Lights takes place every December.   ℅ http://www.examiner.com

Riverside’s Festival of Lights takes place every December.
℅ http://www.examiner.com

Riverside is an option for those looking to retire in a larger city with a wide variety of activities and amenities.

The birthplace of the California citrus industry, the growing city has come a long way since. With a population of just over 300,000, Riverside is also a college town thanks to the University of California, Riverside.  The campus has attracted many cultural events and happenings.

Retirees may enjoy several festivals held throughout the year, including the Orange Blossom festival in April and the Festival of Lights in December.

4. Santa Barbara

With a gorgeous coastline on the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara is one of the nation’s top tourist and retirement communities. Retirees flock to the beach city for its beautiful Spanish Mission architecture, seaside setting and superb climate.

The arts are another drawing factor.  Popular venues include the Arlington Theatre, which features performances from a variety of actors and musicians and hosts the annual SB Film Festival, as well as the Lobero Theatre, known for its more intimate shows.

 3. Palm Springs

Palm Springs attracts some of the most active retirees, as golf and outdoor activities top the list of things to do in Palm Springs.

Roughly two hours east of Los Angeles, the desert oasis offers a mild climate year-round.  Those who are looking to spend their golden years playing golf and sitting by the pool in the sunshine will likely find Palm Springs more than ideal.

2. Eureka

Eureka's Redwoods offer the perfect getaway from city life.  ℅: http://www.redwoods.info

Eureka’s Redwoods offer the perfect getaway from city life.
℅ http://www.redwoods.info

Anyone who wants to retire without the usual crowds, traffic and pollution of a big city might find Eureka, California, a perfect place to settle.  Located in Humboldt County, the city boasts beautiful scenery and a mild climate.  Beautiful beaches and towering redwood trees make Eureka more than ideal for the nature lover.

On the more affordable end of California living, retirees can spend their days taking hikes through the redwoods, listening to live music at local venues, or getting involved in a variety of volunteering and social opportunities through the Humboldt Senior Resource Center.

1. Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe is home to several award-winning golf courses.  ℅ http://www.rsfgolfclub.com

Rancho Santa Fe is home to several award-winning golf courses.
℅ http://www.rsfgolfclub.com

Last, but certainly not least, is Rancho Santa Fe.  More than one-fifth of Rancho Santa Fe’s residents are over 65 years old, and there’s definitely more than one good reason why so many choose to retire in the community.

Rancho Santa Fe boasts great scenery, amazing weather, and of course, award-winning golf courses.  With dozens of San Diego attractions within distance, it’s no surprise that Rancho Santa Fe is an ideal place to retire.

If you’re looking to purchase a luxury home to spend the rest of your golden years in, contact Catherine and Jason Barry of Barry Estates!

Article by: Barry Estates

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