Rancho Santa Fe Artist Annie Omens Creates Beautiful Digital Art

by Barry Estates
April 7, 2015
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Rancho Santa Fe’s Annie Omens attended art school in the 1970′s, and she hasn’t stopped making art since.  Omens’ latest art show, “Welcome to My Magical Garden” is currently on display at the Encinitas Civic Art Gallery.  The show features 25 digital paintings on canvas and will run through May 6th.

This is not the first time that Omens has participated in an exhibition.  Her artwork has been featured in the Annual Juried Athenaeum Show in La Jolla, the Santa Rosa Plateau Annual Show and the Local Art in Public Places Show in Murietta.

Rancho Santa Fe artist Annie Omens specializes in digital art.  ℅ http://www.ranchosantafe review.com, Karen Billings

Rancho Santa Fe artist Annie Omens specializes in digital art.
℅ http://www.ranchosantafe review.com, Karen Billings

Although Omens suggests that art has always been a part of her life, over the past five years she has decided to “just go for it,” to create and begin showing regularly.

Much of her artwork is inspired by her deep connection with nature, with a focus on spiritual meanings behind animals and sharing messages about environmental issues.  Omens work is composed from original photos, although sometimes they are layered to create unique compositions.

Take, for example, her piece “Chivalry.”  It started as an original photo of a horse in a stall, but Omens used Photoshop to layer in photos of cherry blossom trees and a rainbow she had made using paper and beveled glass.

“That’s how I work. I don’t really plan it, I just go through my photos and see what goes with what,” Omens said.  “I like putting a mysterious and spiritual aspect to my work.  I just have fun with it and combine things.”

Nature is a large part of Omens' inspiration.  ℅ http://www.annieomens.com

Nature is a large part of Omens’ inspiration.
℅ http://www.annieomens.com

Omens has come quite a long way since her art school days where she recalls working in a black room to develop her original photographs.

“The darkroom is a very romantic kind of place, with the red lights and bubbling water,” Omens said. “But I appreciate not working with the toxic chemicals anymore, and I can get so much more done faster. (Digital) is a very elegant way to work, and it’s a very efficient way to work.”

Interested in seeing Annie’s artwork? The show at the Encinitas Civic Center is at 505 S. Vulcan Ave. To view her work, visit annieomens.com.

Article by: Barry Estates

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