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La Jolla (pronunciation IPA: /ləˈhɔɪə/, i.e. “lah-HOY-yah”) is a seaside resort community of 42,808 residents within the city of San Diego, California. La Jolla borders Pacific Beach to the south and extends north to Torrey Pines State Reserve and Del Mar, California. Along the way it encompasses neighborhoods like Bird Rock, Windansea, The Village of La Jolla , La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Farms, Torrey Pines, Mount Soledad and La Jolla Village (including La Jolla Village Square). Interstate 5 forms La Jolla’s man-made border to the east, with the exception of some University of California, San Diego and commercial property east of I-5 and north of La Jolla Village Drive, which is also part of La Jolla.

About La Jolla

La Jolla residents and business owners sometimes refer to the “city”, “village,” or “town” of La Jolla. Although the name is sometimes said to mean “the jewel” (from the Spanish “la joya”), it is actually derived from a Native American tribe, the La Jolla band of Luiseno Indians, which inhabited the area for centuries before the arrival of the Spanish. The U.S. Postal Service has designated “La Jolla” as the only acceptable place name for use in mailing addresses for the ZIP Codes covering the area, even though such addresses lie within the San Diego city limits. These conventions can give the impression that La Jolla is a separate incorporated city, even though it is part of the City of San Diego.

La Jolla has several community groups which work to unify the voice of the community. The La Jolla Community Planning Association advises the City Council, Planning Commission, City Planning Department as well as other Governmental agency as appropriate in the initial preparation, adoption of, implementation of, or amendment to the General or Community Plan as it pertains to the La Jolla area. The non-profit La Jolla Town Council organization represents the interests of the La Jolla businesses that belong to the Council.

Additionally, a group that calls itself Independent La Jolla was formed in 2004 to advocate for the secession of La Jolla from the City of San Diego.


  • La Jolla Farms – the homes on top of the cliffs above Black’s Beach and adjacent to the western boundary of the UCSD campus.
  • La Jolla Shores – the residential area and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography campus along La Jolla Shores beach and east up the hillside. Also includes a small business district of shops and restaurants along Avenida de la Playa.
  • La Jolla Heights – the homes on the hills overlooking La Jolla Shores. No businesses.
  • Hidden Valley – lower portion of Mount Soledad on the northern slopes. No businesses.
  • Country Club – lower Mount Soledad on the north-west side, including the La Jolla Country Club golf course.
  • Village – a.k.a. Village of La Jolla (not to be confused with La Jolla Village) the “downtown” business district area, including most of La Jolla’s shops and restaurants, and the immediately surrounding residential areas.
  • Beach-Barber Tract – the coastal section from Windansea Beach to the Village. A few shops and restaurants, mostly on La Jolla Blvd.
  • Lower Hermosa – coastal strip south of Beach-Barber Tract. No businesses.
  • Bird Rock – southern/coastal La Jolla, and the lower slopes of Mt Soledad in the area. Shops and restaurants along La Jolla Blvd.
  • Muirlands – relatively large area on western middle slope of Mt. Soledad. No businesses.
  • La Jolla Mesa – A strip on the lower southern side of Mt. Soledad, bordering Pacific Beach.
  • La Jolla Alta – The neighborhood east of La Jolla Mesa.
  • Soledad South – Southeastern slopes of Mount Soledad, all the way up to the top, east of La Jolla Alta.
  • Muirlands West – The neighborhood between Muirlands to the south, and Country Club – to the north.
  • Upper Hermosa – North of Bird Rock, east of La Jolla Blvd.
  • La Jolla Village – (not to be confused with the Village of La Jolla) – north-east La Jolla, east of La Jolla Heights, north and west of I-5, and south of UCSD. This neighborhood’s namesake, The La Jolla Village Square shopping and residential mall, including La Jolla’s two movie theatres, is located here.

 Information and Image gathered from wikipedia.

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