Celebrities in Luxury Real Estate


The luxury real estate market has been on the rise, and celebrities, too, are taking note.  Luxury real estate homeowners in general have the flexibility to customize their homes with unique rooms and decor, details that often reflect the newest innovations and trends.  From entertainment rooms to hi-tech bathrooms and bold colors, there are really few …

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Real Estate: TruAmerica, Investcorp Buys $86M Apartment

Real Estate - Waterleaf Apartments - Catherine and Jason Barry

TruAmerica Multifamily and Investcorp, a joint venture partner, have acquired the 456-unit Waterleaf Apartments located in North San Diego County’s suburb of Vista in an off-market real estate transaction valued at an astonishing $86.2 million. RedHill Realty and Investors, AEW Capital Management, sold the property. With Waterleaf’s acquisition, TruAmerica has been involved in two …

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New Restaurant Serves Up Fresh Cuisine in Rancho Santa Fe

Treo3 is located in the Del Rayo Shopping Center of Rancho Santa Fe. ℅ http://www.treo3.com

If you love trying out a new restaurant or simply enjoy fresh and creative cuisine, you’re in luck – locally owned Treo3 has just opened up in Rancho Santa Fe’s Del Rayo Village. After a few delays, the restaurant opened on November 28th in the midst of holidays.  It is owned by entrepreneur Budy Kubursi …

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Rancho Santa Fe Family Recognized by Make-A-Wish Organization

Rancho Santa Fe's Peterson Family with Make-A-Wish ℅ http://www.ranchosantafereview.com

Rancho Santa Fe resident Jim Peterson and his family were recently named the 2014 Make-A-Wish San Diego’s “Friends and Family” honoree.  The recognition was made to honor all of the Peterson’s contributions this past year after being introduced to the organization when their daughter, Tina, battled non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Make-A-Wish is an organization that grants …

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Rancho Santa Fe Students Shine in Sports

Rancho Santa Fe's Tennis Star Andrew Salu ℅ http://www.ranchosantafereview.com

The Rancho Santa Fe school district has long prided itself on providing its students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of academically rigorous programs and activities.  From winning robotic competitions to attending the very much educational, yet fun Pali Institute for a weeklong camp experience, the students have covered some impressive ground. …

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Mega Mansions: The Biggest Homes in Luxury Real Estate

The Bradbury Estate's current selling price is c/o http://www.homevselectronics.com

According to the LA Times, the number of homes bought for $2 million or more in recent months is the highest on record – luxury real estate sales are climbing. “It’s pretty mind-blowing, to be honest,” said Cindy Ambuhel, an agent at a Brentwood firm.  ”The luxury market has been completely on fire.” The upward trend …

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Rancho Santa Fe’s Sophia Alone Releases Debut Album


Rancho Santa Fe has long been known for its overall affluence, decorated by miles of green, lush landscapes, and award-winning golf courses and country clubs.  It is certainly no surprise, then, that its neighborhoods have attracted all kinds of unique and talented individuals over the years. From Olympic gold medalist Shaun White to Man …

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Buying Luxury Real Estate: Tips and Strategies


Buying a new home can be a difficult and confusing process.  Oftentimes, there are many unknowns to be answered: How much home can I really afford?  Do I qualify for a home loan?  What size do I want my home to be?  What kind of community do I want to live in?  With luxury …

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Luxury Real Estate: Go Green

Go Green - Luxury Real Estate - Catherine and Jason Barry

Many upscale consumers in luxury real estate are making eco-friendly choices in today’s world of ‘going green’. Methods of doing so range from conserving water with programmable sprinkler systems, using permeable pavers, saving captured rain water, using natural materials, and using efficient appliances. Many luxury owners often invest in new technologies like geothermal, solar, …

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Rancho Santa Fe’s Lynn Moon Supports Artists and Animals with Nonprofit

Golden Girls, a painting by Larry Beckstein ℅ http://www.artforbarks.org

  Lynn Moon of Rancho Santa Fe has many passions: helping others, raising awareness about animals and animal issues, and supporting artists and artwork of all kinds.  For the past three-and-a-half years, she has been able to fulfill all of her passions through her very own nonprofit: Art for Barks. Art for Barks is an online community …

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