Rancho Santa Fe Community to offer more affordable Real Estate Options

Rancho Santa Fe Inn

When one thinks of the Rancho Santa Fe community, it isn’t surprising if the first things that come to mind are generally beautiful landscapes, easy living, and luxury real estate. Since its founding in the 1920’s the community has upheld these as core values important to the town. Now in an unprecedented, but perhaps very intelligent decision, it has been announced that The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is considering a new step-down housing project.

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U.S. New Target for Luxury Real Estate Investors

Foreign Real Estate to Invest In

The Rancho Santa Fe community is a hot bed for luxury real estate, but apparently, so are the United States as a whole. In a new survey conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, the U.S. had four cities ranked among the top 5 cities in the world for foreign real estate investors.

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Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Estates in Good Hands

Rancho Santa Fe Estate Auctions

If there’re two things the Rancho Santa Fe community’s proud history is full of, it’s luxury real estate and exquisitely decorated homes. As is to be expected, this is the perfect recipe for creating one thing: antiques. Recently, Rancho Santa Fe’s very own Connie and Bill McNally announced the opening of a new venture: McNally’s Rancho Santa Fe (RSF) Estate Auctions. With June 21st-22nd set as the date for the first auction, the McNallys are eager to get started with this blooming enterprise. Though it is new ground, the couple will not be entirely in uncharted territory as they are both known internationally as experienced luxury estate and Antique dealers.

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Rancho Santa Fe Philanthropist Receives Recognition

Ruth Westreich, Rancho Santa Fe Philanthropist

It’s not often the words “Photo Exhibit” and “Inspirational Women” are used together in the same sentence, but thanks to a local exhibition, they might just become a little more common. “Notes to Our Sons and Daughters: My Sister’s Voice” is the second photo exhibit in the “Notes to Our Sons and Daughters” series. Directed by director Alexis Dixon, it will be on display June 6th at the Broadway Pier in San Diego and feature Rancho Santa Fe Philanthropist, Ruth Westreich, among others.

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Historic Luxury Real Estate on Display in Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society Home Tour

The Rancho Santa Fe community is famous for its luxury real estate and historic mansions. Arguably some of the most famous real estate in the community, the historic Row Houses are living legends among the public. But unless you’ve got a good sized bank account, or a friend who lives in the community, the average person would regularly have no hopes of getting an inside look at these famous sites. That is, until this July. Continuing their yearly tradition of touring exceptional homes in the community, the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society will be hosting their 2014 Home Tour this July 12th.

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New Luxury Real Estate under development in Rancho Santa Fe

The Crosby Club - Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate

Rancho Santa Fe is known for its luxury real estate and beautiful landscapes, but perhaps a lesser known fact is the limited availability of land in the community. Nonetheless, in a recent press release, The San Diego office of Colliers International announced the last Crosby production lots in Rancho Santa Fe were sold. At a selling price of $6,270,098 for the whole eight acres, these lots are s

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Local Doctors Spread the Rancho Santa Fe Spirit Abroad

Americans Helping Asian Children (AHAC

With an emphasis on giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate, the Rancho Santa Fe community has long upheld a tradition of selfless service. But recently, board certified audiologist Dr. David K. Woodruff and ENT consultant Dr. Geoffrey A. Smith took it upon themselves to spread the Rancho Santa Fe spirit beyond the sunny shores of California. Volunteering with Americans Helping Asian Children (AHAC), these two generous men journeyed to the Union of Myanmar to provide medical treatment to countless underprivileged children.

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Farmers Market to Launch July 5th in Rancho Santa Fe Village

Rancho Santa Fe Village Farmers Market

It has been three and a half years of working with the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board to get the new Rancho Santa Fe Village Farmers’ Market to launch on Saturday, July 5th from 10am-2pm. The Farmers Market will be host to new High End vendors with amazing fresh products and products.

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$147 Million Sale and the Luxury Real Estate Market

$147 Million Hampton Home Sales, Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate

According to DataQuick, an industry leader in real estate analytics and data, there has been a 33% spike in the sale of luxury homes during the months of January and February, bringing the total to the highest level since 1988 when the firm first started tracking the market. During the same time home sales of $250,000 or less fell by 12%.

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This Luxury Home is “Out of This World”

Luxury Home California, Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate

Shoot for the stars when you’re searching for a new luxury home, or at least take a minute to admire them. This $3.18 million Orange County property allows you to do just that. The Laguna Nigel luxury estate comes equipped with its own private observatory, perfect for a star fanatic, or the casual astronomer in all of us.

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